{Sponsor Spotlight} Aimee from Aimee & Co.

One our featured sponsors this month is THEEE Aimee from Aimee & Co! Aimee is sweet and talented! If you’re a blogger, you definitely want to get to know this gal! She’s a wealth of website and design information!

hello there! i am a website & graphic designer and i work for myself with an amazing team! i started my business when my daughter abby was born and here, almost 3 years later we have a growing list of clients that hire us for blogger to WordPress moves, brand identity & logo design, eCommerce website designs and much, much more!! my quick list of “get to know me” –>> i am a Christian / married to a Marine for almost 10 years / we have two sweeties, Jack is almost 5 & Abby is almost 3 / we live in Southern California and enjoy the ocean breezes living just 3 miles from the shore / my family & part of my heart is back in Western NY where i was raised, i miss them dearly / i am the DIY author & found of: Fancy Little Things /this is my business

today i am going to share with you some things i have learned in the 3 years working with bloggers that i truly believe you need to be successful! are you ready — let’s get started…

#1: get branded // make a logo, buy a logo, put together some fonts & colors and call it a logo – and then use it EVERYWHERE. branding allows people to know who you are without you having to say a thing. be intentional. {oh yes, buy business cards too. lots of them.}
#2: get social // social media is free – create a Facebook page, get a twitter handle, start pinning on Pinterest, join Instagram {an Android app is available for us non-iPhone users} and start building, connecting, sharing and growing
#3: register a gravatar // no longer be a faceless poster or commenter. not sure what i mean? then you will want to check this out!
#4: be fearless // toot your own horn. promote your products, your posts, your projects. if you don’t tell someone, no one will know!
#5: start on WordPress.org self-hosted // it costs more money to move an established blogger or business owner than just to start on WordPress. Hire a professional. Ask for references & then follow up on those references. You’re going to pay a little bit more and maybe even wait for their design schedule to be open but it’s worth the wait! I promise. {If you need some references from those that have successfully made the switch and watched their site flourish, let me know!!}

two things i want you to know:

  if you offer ad space on your blog or interested in buying some for the month of July, stop by on Friday, June 15th for our 2nd Buy/Swap/Sell Ad Space Link Party.
if you are ready to start an online shop or interested in upgrading your current shop, then stop by in a few weeks as we launch or eCommerce Series for June.
If you have any WordPress or eCommerce questions, email me. you can also find me hanging out here:
thank you Kimberly for the opportunity to guest post today!!

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