Tulle St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Such a fun St. Patrick's Day wreath!

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a perfectly FUN and fluffy Tulle St. Patrick’s Day Wreath! For Valentine’s day, my friend Erin made this gorgeous Valentine’s Day Wreath – out of tulle!

Tulle Valentine's Day Wreath

I was so inspired by her gorgeous creation, I thought I would give it a try for St. Patrick’s Day! So I gathered up the supplies and got to work!

What you’ll need:

  • 12 inch straw or styrofoam wreath
  • Spool of green ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hunter green and lime green tulle
  • Cardstock
  • Shamrocks
  • Twine
  • Glue

And the steps:

  1. Wrap a 12 inch straw or styrofoam wreath form using a spool of green ribbon.
  2. Cut hunter green and lime green tulle into 17 inch strips.
  3. Tie the strips of tulle around the wreath, alternating 3 hunter green strips and 1 lime green strip, all the way around the wreath until covered.
  4. Cut the letters “LUCK” out of cardstock and glue them to shamrocks, which you could also cut out (I happened to buy a package of pre-cut glitter shamrocks from the dollar store).
  5. Glue the shamrocks to twine and tie the letters to the wreath.
  6. Glue green ribbon to the wreath and hang on the door.

And I just LOVE how the adorable Tulle St. Patrick’s Day Wreath turned out!

Such a fun St. Patrick's Day wreath! Such a fun St. Patrick's Day wreath!

What do you think? I love the way that it turned out! It’s fluffy (as my husband calls it) and FUN! And definitely easier and less time consuming than yarn wreaths, which I also love, just don’t always have time for! So what crafts are you tackling this St. Patrick’s Day?
Kimberly Sneed
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  1. says

    Kimberly! I found you through 36 Ave’s blog hop, I hope you’ll follow me back! I am LOVING your blog. Confession: I have a slight obsession with everything owl.. so we’d make great friends.. also.. I love the charlie sheen “pinning” button you have. Pretty much what I’m saying here is get your cute little booty over to my blog so we can be best friends, alright?

  2. julie says

    Can you approximate how much tulle was needed to go around the 12″ straw frame? I realize you cut strips around 17″ long, but that does not tell yardage requirement. Thank you.

  3. Marion says

    I going to make the St Patrick’s day tulle wreath but how wide do you cut the strips? it says 17in long I love it and you can change the colors for other holidays I already went and bought everything please reply to my email thanks and Happy St. Patricks day everyone

  4. Kathryn says

    May I ask how many yards of each green did you purchase fro the 12 inch wreath? I adore it, especially for next Valentine’s Day! Thank you

      • Saranne says

        I stumbled on this while looking for something to make with my grandchildren. I think it is so festive and pretty.
        I am not very creative and actually all thumbs but I try. I purchased the tulle and cut the strips but 17″ seems too long. Do I need to wrap the tulle a couple of times around the wreath or trim it all when finished? I think my twins will like this for Easter as well as St. Pat’s Day, Thanks for sharing.

        • says

          Hi Saranne! I definitely did 17″ as you can see in the picture, and only wrapped around once, tying a knot around the wreath form. I was going for a VERY fluffy look; however if you feel that it’s too long, feel free to knock a couple of inches off that! Or trimming afterwards would be just fine! I’m sure it will still turn out adorable!

  5. Paula says

    Very cool wreath! Gonna pin this one for sure. Thanks for sharing with us. Been wanting to try the tulle wreaths. You just inspired me to take the first step into the tulle world, so to speak.

  6. Jennifer says

    Love this! I saw it too late for St. Patrick’s Day, so I’m making one for Easter. I picked up bright pink, bright yellow, bright purple, and bright green tulle today. I’m going for a dyed Easter egg look. My mom gave the kids a cute bunny decoration that I’m going to hang in the middle. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Thank you for sharing your idea!


  1. […] To make the wreath I simply cut strips of tulle at about 12 inches in length and tied them around the form until the entire form was covered. I then stretched the spider webbing over the back of the wreath. Now you could secure the web with hot glue; however I found that it stayed put just as is. I stuck a spider in the center and tied some extra web at the top to hang it by! Thrifty, quick and easy! My favorite kind of project. If you’d like a picture tutorial, be sure to check out my first tulle wreath post! […]

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