How to Raise Kids Who Give

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Tips on Raising Kids Who Give
Hi friends! Today we’re going to talk a little bit about something that has been on my heart lately – giving back. While 2016 was a bit of a crazy year, it was a great year for our family. There was never a time where we were nervous about making ends meet or where our kids were ever left wanting. Because of that, there were many times throughout the year that we were able to help others in times of need. It’s a practice that has been instilled in my life since I was little by my parents, and I now realize that it’s something that I want to pass on to my children. So I have partnered with Glad and their Glad to Give Campaign to share some of the ways I’m working to Raise Kids Who Give.

MODEL GIVING. There are many ways that you can instill the spirit of giving to your children. I think the most important way is to model it! When we moved last year there was a lot of stuff that didn’t make the cut. We definitely did a lot of purging before moving and I loaded up our van a number of times to take items down to our local Goodwill. When I did that I made a point of taking one of my boys with me each time and we talked about what we were doing, why we were giving away things we no longer used or needed and how it would help others.

GET THEM INVOLVED. I feel like my older boys are now at that age that they can really start to get involved with giving. This moves them past just observing to active participation! And since we have just made it through the holidays AND a birthday celebration, now was as good of time as any to do a toy purge. And I can’t tell you how happy I was for their help this time around so it wasn’t just me doing all the heavy lifting.

Tips on Raising Kids Who Give
MAKE IT MEANINGFUL. Since this was the first time I really had the boys go through their things to make decisions on items they wanted to keep or donate, I wanted to make it meaningful. So rather than just drop it off behind a building, we found out that there was a foster organization nearby looking for toy donations. I sat down with the boys and we chatted about what fostering meant and how much it would mean to foster children and foster families to have toy donations – and they genuinely seemed excited to share toys with these families. So we headed into the toy abyss…

Tips on Raising Kids Who GiveTips on Raising Kids Who Give
…armed with Glad ForceFlex bags! We emptied out their toy bins on the floor in the center of their room. Then we designated one basket for trash, one basket for donations, and anything they were keeping would go back into the bins.

Tips on Raising Kids Who Give
I was astounded at how well they went through the piles! And even more impressed with how much ended up in the donate baskets. I talked about how donating items didn’t mean they didn’t like the toy anymore, it just meant that they perhaps were done playing with them and ready for another kid to enjoy them.

Tips on Raising Kids Who Give
We made it through a good portion of their toys in one afternoon…and at the end of this round we had two Glad bags full of goodies for other kids to enjoy.

Tips on Raising Kids Who Give
And you know what? They keep asking me to do more! I may just have these boys help me go through the rest of our house! And now I realize that by modeling giving, getting them involved and really making this experience meaningful, that we are well on our way towards Raising Kids Who Give!

Tips on Raising Kids Who Give
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One act of giving inspires another. What are you glad to give?

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