Denim Painted Mason Jars

Denim Painted Mason Jars |
Hi friends! Did you know that Michaels has named denim the craft trend of 2015! Denim has always been a wardrobe staple and now it’s emerging in crafts and home décor. From denim paint, ribbon, tape and even pockets, the material will be found in a variety of new craft and home décor supplies. As Michaels Makers we were challenged to come up with a fun Denim project this month and today we’re sharing our Denim Painted Mason Jars!

I just love the look of painted mason jars. They’re perfectly versatile for home decor, organization and more. And as we’re gearing up for Spring, what better than some Denim Painted Mason Jars to hold your Spring blooms?! Or jazz up your organization with a row of these beauties. The sky is the limit! So let’s get down to the details…

What you’ll need:
  • Mason jars
  • Make Market™ Denim Paint – Sand Wash
  • Make Market™ Denim Glazing Medium
  • Make Market™ Denim Weaving Brush, 3″
  • Foam brush
  • Sand paper

Denim Painted Mason Jars |

And the steps:
  1. Paint your mason jar with Make Market™ Denim Paint, whichever shade of denim you choose. Let the paint dry for one hour and if desired, add another layer of Make Market™ Denim Paint for adequate coverage. After your second coat, let the paint dry for one hour before moving on to the next step.
  2. Once dry, use sand paper to “roughen up” the finish on your jar. Go over the entire jar lightly, then over raisted areas, such as the wording and the ridges on top. Wipe off the dust and you’re ready for the glaze!
  3. To achieve the denim effect, dry brush the Make Market™ Denim Glazing Medium onto the outside of the painted mason jar using the Denim Weaving Brush. To dry brush, lightly dab your brush into the glazing medium, then repeatedly dab the brush onto a clean piece of paper to remove excess medium. Gently drag the brush across the outside of the jar at a 45° angle to the jar’s surface. Continue the dry brush technique across the entire surface of the jar, always moving in the same direction (if you started painting left to right always paint left to right).
  4. Repeat the dry brush technique used in Step 3. Instead of painting left to right or right to left, paint top to bottom. Using strokes that are perpendicular to the previous layer will create a crosshatch effect.
  5. Let your paint dry; it will be dry in one hour and will cure in 24 hours. Once cured, you may want to seal the paint with a matte spray finish for durability.

Denim Painted Mason Jars |
And voila – Denim Painted Mason Jars!

Denim Painted Mason Jars |
Now these jars are perfect for so many things. You can toss in your Spring blooms and add them to a lovely window box display.

Denim Painted Mason Jars | anightowlblog.comDenim Painted Mason Jars |
Or you can use them for everyday storage like I love. These are so cute and perfect for school supply or office storage!

Denim Painted Mason Jars | anightowlblog.comDenim Painted Mason Jars |
So what do YOU think of our Denim Painted Mason Jars? I think they’re so perfect for Spring! If you’re looking for more spring project inspiration, take a look at Michaels’ new Make Market line for DIY project and home décor ideas – all made with simple, on-trend surfaces and textures like chalk, denim, galvanized, burlap and cork.

Also, Michaels Makers readers are getting the inside scoop on an upcoming craft contest that will send one lucky participant on the trip of a lifetime to Paris. Check back HERE on March 2nd to get all the details on how to enter. Trust me – you’ll want to! So now click around to all of the Michaels Makers Denim Trend Challenge projects – there are some great ones!

Michaels Makers Denim Trend Challenge |


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    What a cute idea! Looks super easy! Blue is my favorite color and I love Mason jars! I wonder if you could use the denim paint with chalkboard paint and make denim chalkboards….hmmm?

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    LOVE these denim jars! Too cute!

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