Reduce Energy Costs with Sungevity

Reduce Energy Costs with Sungevity |

Hi friends! If you follow along with us, you may well know that we live in SUNNY Phoenix, Arizona. And while that means mild winters and clear skies most of the year, it also means HOT Summers and high energy costs! But we do have an amazing resource at our disposal, the sun. It’s a constant here in AZ and if you’re in a sunny state too, this is for you! Today we’re going to talk about how you can Reduce Energy Costs with Sungevity.

Sungevity’s founders were driven by a simple mission: to build the world’s most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine. It’s a good mission and we can totally relate. There are plenty of things that you can do to reduce your energy emissions on a daily basis. I know we built our home with energy conservation in mind. We upgraded our HVAC system with multiple points of control so we could cool the areas we were in the most while conserving energy in rooms not used. We upgraded our insulation and ensured our windows were highly rated. Outside of how we built our house, we pay attention to keeping our doors and windows closed during the hot Summer months that can cause the cool air to escape and drive costs upward. These are all things that we actively do to keep our energy costs down. 

But we’re looking into taking things one step further, and that’s where Sungevity comes in! There are so many great reasons to consider solar:

  • Control energy choices and save money
  • Help the environment
  • Plan for the future, your kids’ college fund, and retirement
  • Be on the cutting edge by using the latest technology and getting a sleek, custom made home solar system

Reduce Energy Costs with Sungevity |

My husband is always about the latest and greatest in technology, so you know we’re looking into Sungevity. If you have doubts about solar, it’s likely that you’ve overheard some popular misconceptions. Have you heard that it too expensive? Befofre learning about Sungevity I thought the same, when in fact, solar power can actually provide financial benefits for homes with $150+ month utility bills or those looking to purchase electric vehicles or install swimming pools. Sungevity offers a variety of financial options, personalized for each household. Adding solar can even improve the resell value of your home!

Or maybe you’ve thought that it’s complicated or confusing! I agree that finding the right information can be a challenge, but it helps when you find a friendly, informed partner to lean on to understand solar basics. Sungevity prides itself on being the solar company with answers; the one that’s willing to stay on the phone longer to address every concern and help each homeowner feel empowered about their energy choices – not just pushing for a hard sale. Or maybe you’re more concerned with style. Hey, I’m right there with you! Solar panels used to be limited to those with dark blue dots against a white panel, creating an awkward contrast against your roof. However, Sungevity’s panels are completely black and blend in seamlessly with your home!

Reduce Energy Costs with Sungevity |

So if you’re curious, NOW is the time to check it out! In SEPTEMBER only, Sungevity is offering $500 off all solar systems for customers who choose to go solar! So GET YOUR QUOTE today and if you like what you see, enter “BLOG500” in the Referral Code field for the discount!*

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Thank you to Sungevity for sponsoring today’s post.

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