The Latest in Tech Essentials

The Latest in Tech Essentials

Hi friends! This past week I had the opportunity to hang out with the good folks over at AT&T for a local mom’s event. We had the chance to mix and mingle with local moms and hear about the latest in technology essentials from AT&T! Did you know that AT&T offers WAY more than phones? We are AT&T customers, and I didn’t realize all the cool tech items they offer. Here are just a few of the things we got our hands on…

1. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Meet the latest in wearables – the Samsung Gear™ 2. Gone are the days of hustling to find your phone or fidgeting with a headset before you miss a call. Now you can take calls, text, listen to music, take pictures, and more with the Gear 2. Like no other device before, the Gear 2 is the bold face of mobile freedom. Key features of the Gear 2 include:

  • Stylish design with a 1.63” Super AMOLED® display
  • Voice Command technology
  • 2MP Camera
  • Heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and pedometer

Available for $299.00


2. Jawbone Mini Jambox

Get the most out of every moment with the speaker that goes wherever you do. MINI JAMBOX is the perfect, pocket-sized way to wirelessly play music, movies, games, and more – no matter where you are – so you can make every experience complete.

Available for $149.99


3. LG Tone+

Enjoy an active lifestyle with the convenience of the LG Tone+. A vibration will alert you of incoming calls and with the intuitive controls located on the neck strap, you can navigate between voice calls and music without having to touch your handset. Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation will help filter unwanted background noise and keep your conversation crystal clear.

Available for $69.00


4. Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

Made especially for use in the kitchen, the Chef Stand + Stylus gives you the freedom to interact with your tablet while you cook—without worrying about touching your device with messy hands. The case-compatible stand has a non-slip rubber base and two different angles that are ideal for countertop use. The wand allows you to follow recipes and browse the Internet without ever laying a finger on your screen. It comes with its own storage stand and is easy to grab while you’re busy handling food and other kitchen equipment. The magnetic tip works with any touchscreen and can be used to wake up an iPad, too.

Available for $40.00 (Online only)


5. Fitbit Flex

Make fitness a lifestyle with Flex. This slim, stylish device is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active.

Available for $299.00


6. Otterbox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series encases your device in a high quality, tough protective solution. Every feature of the device is fully accessible while it is completely enclosed in rugged protection. The innovative multi-layer design protects from bumps, drops, scratches and dust while keeping it like new.

Available for $50.00


7. Aqua Sound Speakers

Pump up your party with these Water Dancing Speakers.  These speakers shoot water and colored lights into the air to the beat of whatever favorite song you are playing.  The Water Dance Speakers are lightweight, portable, and by using the Bluetooth connection to synch up with your device, it is easy to have a portable dance club with you anywhere and anytime.

Available for $49.00 (Online only)


8. HTC One (M8)

With the new all-metal HTC One (M8), one of the world’s best smartphones just got better. It’s so intuitive that it seems to know what you need, almost before you do.

  • The curves and balance of its zero-gap all-metal unibody make it a pleasure to hold and use.
  • Enhanced gesture recognition makes access to your phone faster and easier.
  • The bigger screen makes navigating its many features almost second nature.

Available for $199.99 on a 2-year contract or $32 per month with AT&T Next


9. FiLIP Kids Smartwatch

Engineered for fun, FiLIP is a smart locator in the form of a wristwatch that lets kids explore, discover, and play while still keeping everyone connected. It gives kids freedom while giving their parents peace of mind. FiLIP is designed to be rugged, fun, and colorful. Built specifically for kids aged 5 to 11, it can be worn like a wristwatch while allowing easy access to its features. A child can simply press and hold the emergency button to trigger an automatic location beacon, ambient sound recording, and a call (and SMS) to the primary number stored on FiLIP. Access the FiLIP companion app for your iOS or Android smartphone at no additional charge.

Available for $199.99


10. Amber Alert GPS

The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator enables parents and caregivers of two- to ten-year-old children to stay connected through GPS location awareness and two-way mobile voice communications. Amber Alert GPS provides location tracking, using the combined power of AT&T’s 3G network and built-in GPS for location identification. Now you can see where they are, where they’ve been, and for how long, all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. With a simple one-button operation, you can now check in with each other using two-way voice calling to and from a phone number of your choosing. Also, should your kids feel threatened, they can press and hold the SOS button for three or more seconds to initiate an emergency call and email notification to you and other caregivers. Set and receive email alerts for when your child enters or leaves a specified area or exceeds a specified speed.

Available for $129.99

Phew! What an amazing list of Tech Essentials, don’t you think? I have a few on our must-have list. And I KNOW when my boys are older that we’ll be getting those FiLIP smart watches! What is on your list?


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