DIY Easter Chalkboard

DIY Easter Chalkboard with Elmer's Foam Board

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share a quick and easy Easter or Spring craft with you today – this DIY Easter Chalkboard! And yes, you guessed it, it’s in the shape of a bunny rabbit, how fun is that?! Did you know that you can create a chalkboard in ANY shape you’d like with Elmer’s Chalkboard Foam Board? That’s right – FOAM BOARD that is a chalkboard! I love crafting with foam board, and Elmer’s carries different varieties and colors – also in Chalkboard, Cork Board and even Dry Erase board! They are versatile and light weight, which means you can make whatever you would like from the foam board and hang it up and display with ease. It’s a win win! So let’s talk about how I made this DIY Easter Chalkboard Bunny…

What you’ll need:

And the steps:

  1. First I drew a bunny shape on white poster board. This is so I could get the bunny just how I wanted (I’m not the best free-hand artist), and I even folded the poster board over to check for symmetry.
  2. When I was happy with the shape, I cut the bunny shape out of the poster board.
  3. I then laid the bunny shape down on top of the chalkboard foam board and traced around it with chalk, on to the foam board.
  4. Now that I had the bunny shape outlined onto the chalkboard foam board, I simply used an Xacto knife to cut the bunny out!
  5. For a little added flair, I made a quick pom-pom bunny tail out of yarn and glued it on, added “Hoppy Easter” in chalk.

How to make a DIY Easter Chalkboard with Elmer's Foam Board

And voila! One cute little DIY Easter Chalkboard Bunny!

DIY Easter Chalkboard with Elmer's Foam Board

It really was a simple project, but oh so cute, don’t you think? We’ve added it to our living room decor, just for a fun little hint of Easter. I’m thinking of adding a countdown to Easter…but since it’s chalkboard, the sky is the limit! A great Easter quote or Spring saying would be oh so cute…so snag your Elmer’s foam board today and get to craftin!

Oh and don’t forget the Pin to Win contest! Ends April 15th – still time to get your entries in!

Pin to Win with Elmer's! Ends April 15th


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