Drip Drop Review

Drip Drop - transform the way you hydrate

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a new product that we’ve learned about recently that will transform the way you hydrate – Drip Drop! What is Drip Drop? It’s a revolutionary, great-tasting medical grade hydration powder that will change the way you look and think about hydration. Whether you’re on the road, at your desk, in the gym or just under the weather, dehydration has a profound effect on your health, mood, and performance. Used by top hospitals across the country, Drip Drop is safe enough for everyday use and powerful enough to help battle chronic conditions.

What is Oral Rehydration Therapy?

Hundreds of millions of people live with the effects of dehydration every day, and unfortunately, there hasn’t been an effective or affordable remedy—until now. Oral rehydration therapy, or ORT, was first introduced worldwide in the 1970’s when organizations like the World Health Organization and UNICEF used it to save millions of children facing death for diarrhea-induced dehydration in poverty or crisis-stricken areas. In fact, our very own Drip Drop began in relief efforts.

ORT combines three ingredients—salts, sugars, and water—to quickly treat dehydration. Through osmosis, the body uses the salts and sugars to pull water from your gut into your bloodstream, replenishing your blood with the essential electrolytes (minerals) that are lost when you exercise, or when you are exposed to extreme temperatures, or when you suffer from diarrhea and illnesses, etc. One thing most people forget is that water cannot cure the effects of dehydration because it has no electrolytes. This is why ORT is so important, and anyone can really benefit.

Drip Drop - transform the way you hydrate

So what makes Drip Drop unique?

Two words: osmolarity and taste. All fluids are absorbed into the body through osmosis. When you’re dehydrated, your body would like osmosis to work a little faster than usual so that you can bounce back quickly. Osmolarity is, simply put, a measure of liquid density that facilitates osmosis. In order for electrolytes to be absorbed into the bloodstream, the osmolarity of the fluid you are consuming needs to be lower than the osmolarity of your blood.

The average osmolarity rating of blood is 285 to 300, so selecting to drink a rehydration solution with the right osmolarity is essential. For instance, sports drinks have osmolarity levels that are too high—350 or more—causing the electrolytes they contain to not draw into the bloodstream. Not to mention they have high sugar levels, but we’ll address that in a second. Drip Drop’s osmolarity level of 235 makes it easy for the body to rehydrate swiftly and sustainably.

So then we have taste. To address the taste issue caused by higher sodium, sports drinks have lowered their sodium and increased their sugar, which reduces their ability to deliver key electrolytes contained in sodium, and increases calories. In the end, they just don’t measure up to ORT. Drip Drop has worked hard at formulating an ORT with amazing taste. So good, in fact, that most people choose to drink it every day.

Drip Drop - transform the way you hydrate

Dehydration Facts You Should Know

Chronic dehydration affects 75 percent of Americans, and most people are suffering from dehydration symptoms without even knowing it. So what are the effects it has on the body? Early warning signs are dry mouth and mild headaches, and believe it or not, thirst is an indication that dehydration has already set in. Sluggishness, reduction in productivity, mood fluctuations, increase in anxiety, increase in irritability, and a decrease in cognitive ability are all common symptoms, too. Here are some other common consequences of untreated dehydration:

  • Digestive Troubles: A variety of digestive problems, including acid reflux, gastritis and ulcers, can be further aggravated by a lack of fluids and electrolytes, In addition, constipation is exacerbated by dehydration, as a lack of fluid causes waste to move slower through the colon..
  • Weight Gain: We’ve all done it before – mistaken our thirst for hunger. So we over-consume sweet or fatty snack foods that lead to weight gain. Conversely, adequate fluid intake actually speeds metabolism and helps your body burn calories. A study by German researchers found that an adult who drinks 1.5 liters of water each day can burn an additional 17,000 calories a year – That’s about 5 pounds lost per year.
  • Soreness and Aches: Dehydration can lead to joint pain and discomfort – especially in older adults. How? Because the cartilage in your joints requires water to regenerate. When you’re dehydrated, the transport of nutrients to the joints in slowed, and the healing process overall is delayed.
  • Allergies and Asthma: If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you may have noticed the effect dehydration has on your breathing. Water intake regulates the body’s production of histamine – a neurotransmitter that drives allergic reactions. When you’re dehydrated, histamine levels in the body are elevated, amplifying the symptoms of allergies and asthma.
  • Skin Conditions: As your body’s largest organ, the skin needs plenty of water to remain healthy. With a steady supply of fluid, your body is better able to eliminate toxins through the pores of your skin. On the other hand, when dehydration sets in your skin is hobbled in efforts to combat conditions like psoriasis and acne.

Drip Drop - transform the way you hydrate

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Get Hydrated!

You can find Drip Drop in a store near you or buy online today and GET 20% OFF with promo code NightOwl!

So our thoughts overall? Drip Drop is definitely a product we will have on hand! If you have kids, you can’t go wrong. There are plenty of times when you’re battling the effects of dehydration – through cold and flu season and even allergy season! We know our little ones just do better hydrated. Especially for us in Arizona, hydration through the Summer is of utmost importance. And I love the fact that Drip Drop is a powder that we can keep on hand. No more worrying about the bottles of hydration drinks that go bad just before you need them! And it does taste great. No strange aftertaste, and the boys gulped it right down!


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  1. Susan in OK says

    Thank you for the review. I need to have this on hand. A few weeks ago I had kidney stones and was sick, sick, sick. I lay on the bathroom floor for 5 hours in agony. I should have gone to the ER and was such a mess that I wouldn’t go. I know I was severely dehydrated. I could not keep fluids in my body. I am going to get some of this to have on hand. Thanks for the review. I follow you via Bloglovin’. So, I am thankful for that I now know about this. TY, TY, TY!

    • says

      Oh that’s great to hear, Susan! I was also ill a couple of weeks back and had some Drip Drop to make sure I was properly hydrated. This information has really brought dehydration to the forefront of our minds! Glad to hear you’re going to give it a try.


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