Thanksgiving Kids Crafts with Bing Smart Search

Thanks to Bing for sponsoring today’s discussion on Thanksgiving kids crafts! I can’t wait to use Smart Search for all of my internet finds. #ThisIsBing

You can find all the Thanksgiving Kids Crafts you want and more with Bing Smart Search! #ThisIsBing

Hi friends! It’s that time of year – Thanksgiving or “turkey time!” That means our homes are being filled with reminders of thankfulness and if you have kids, just about everything you have may be turning into turkeys! I was thinking of doing some fun crafts with the kids this month and now that Windows 8.1 is out, I decided to give Bing Smart Search a try to check out some fun Thanksgiving kids crafts!

Have you used Bing Smart Search yet? Bing’s Smart Search in the new Windows is a faster way to find what you’re looking for and get things done on your touch device. One search brings you information from across your device, the cloud, apps, and the web. Visual results designed specifically for touch make it easy to find what you need. There’s no need to open a browser—simply swipe and tap to start searching.

That’s right! Take action before you even finish typing. Looking to play your favorite song? Start typing in the search box, see results instantly as you type, then tap to play. Want to get the latest on your favorite band? With just one search you’ll see saved songs on your laptop, recent music videos from the web, and popular songs you can stream directly from Xbox Music. Launch apps, open files, call a friend, change settings, and more, all with a single click. Web previews help you see at-a-glance what the web page looks like behind each search result. That means fewer clicks to find the right link.

And that’s JUST how I used it. I decided to give Bing Smart Search a try at finding the perfect Thanksgiving kids crafts for our little guys. I simply typed in “thanksgiving kids crafts” and relevant files, images, sites and more were right at my fingertips!

Bing Smart Search GIF

I love how it pulled information from my computer as well as the web. And everything is SO visual – which is SO me! I love how there were large previews of the main sites selected from Smart Search so you can see what you’re getting into even before having to click into it! But I also noted how there were TONS of great inspirational images right there at the beginning, so I decided to start there…

Bing Smart Search - Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

So many adorable turkeys! But one little guy caught my eye…

Bing Smart Search - Thanksgiving Kids Crafts original craft found at Meet the Dubiens

Isn’t he fun? I was again able to preview the image, then head to the site where the idea was featured. How easy is that? And though we settled on this one for now, I know there is a wealth of more projects to try just at the touch of my fingertips!

So we got to crafting! We did kids handprints first…

You can find all the Thanksgiving Kids Crafts you want and more with Bing Smart Search! #ThisIsBing

Then added the turkey’s body and legs…

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts - Easy Handprint Turkey

Then the head, nose, eyes and more!

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts - Easy Handprint Turkey

Until we got this ADORABLE final result!

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts - Easy Handprint Turkey Thanksgiving Kids Crafts - Easy Handprint Turkey

Isn’t he the cutest? And the kids had so much fun making them and seeing their final creation! What great decor or gifts this holiday season, don’t you think? And it was EASY to be inspired by our Bing Smart Search! If you have a Windows PC, tablet or phone – be sure to give it a try! I guarantee you’re gonna LOVE it!


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