A Dino-Mite Ornament


Hi friends, Jen here from Life According to the Streets. I’m thrilled to be here to show you a fun DIY ornament idea! If you’re like a boy mom like Me and Kimberly there’s a good chance that your kiddos are into Dinosaurs. When my second son had his 2nd birthday we celebrated dino-style which meant months after the party I still had a bunch of little dinosaurs hanging around.  I thought why not add a little boy-themed whimsy to our Christmas tree this year so I set out to make them into ornaments and it was super easy!

What You Need:

  • plastic dino
  • small screw eye hook
  • x-acto knife
  • paint color of choice
  • twine or ribbon for hanging


  • First you’ll paint your dino in any color(s) you’d like. I chose to do black with a gold head and then got gold on the body so I lightly brushed gold onto to accentuate the scales.
  • Once dry, you’ll use your x-acto knife and poke a hole into the back of the dino.
  • Then, simply take the screw eye hook and screw it into the hole.
  • Attach your twine and hang on your tree, easy peasy.




So what do you think? Are you going to raid your child’s plastic dino collection and make some ornaments? I plan on making a bunch of these for classmate gifts that are cute and candy free!

Looking for more dino inspiration?? Check out how to make Dino Fossils .


Or the full Dino Birthday!

dinoheader.jpg Thanks for having me Kim!

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