Pennington Vertical Gardening System Review #GrowWithUs

Thank you to Pennington Vertical Gardens for sponsoring today’s Pennington Vertical Gardening System Review; all opinions are my own.
Pennington Vertical Gardening System #GrowWithUs

Hi friends! A few weeks ago I shared the Pennington Vertical Gardening System with you and today I’m sharing my experience with our new vertical garden! Again the The Pennington Vertical Gardening System allows any gardener – novice or experienced – living in the sprawling suburbs or crowded city to turn even the most lackluster of spaces in to a colorful, blooming garden. I knew that it would be a perfect solution for us because although we have plenty of space in our backyard, a majority of it falls victim to our year-round bright Arizona SUN! And while there are some beautiful desert plants that survive that sunny goodness, I have always wanted a small herb garden and had no solution until now.

Pennington Vertical Gardening System #GrowWithUs

Again Pennington Vertical Gardening Systems are completely customizable with each component sold separately to adapt to your ever-evolving style – it’s truly a System that grows with you! I received a package equipped with 2ft vertical rails, a horizontal top rail, wood planks, top and bottom caps and more! I downloaded the step by step instructions from the site and got to building!

Pennington Vertical Gardening System #GrowWithUs

Detailed instructions are readily available, but I found them to be fairly straight-forward! I simply measured, drilled and secured the top rail onto our well-shaded wall in our backyard. I added the vertical rails and secured those, and added the wooden planks. You can then customize it to your preference!

Pennington Vertical Gardening System #GrowWithUs

I love simple, classic design so I simply added the pots and wooden planter box to hold our gardening goodies. Our tin pots now hold some fun herbs that I can’t wait to cook with! I’ve never had an herb garden, so I’m pretty excited about giving it a go.

Pennington Vertical Gardening System #GrowWithUs Pennington Vertical Gardening System #GrowWithUs

And I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to install and how happy I am with the results! Even my husband who was skeptical at first now sees just why I was excited about the system. It’s up and out of the way (no worries about our curious pup getting those herbs), and it’s in the shade which increases their chance for survival! What do you think? Now that I have it up, I can really see first hand all the possibilities! This would have been so very fun in my office/craft room as well! Really, any place where you need to take advantage of a small area, the Pennington Vertical Gardening System is your solution! Where would YOU use a Pennington Vertical Gardening System?


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    Great DIY post you’ve shown…

    It’s really lovely your creativity and an awesome way to share it with us.

    Flowers are also good idea in your vertical garden.

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