Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge

Thank you to Michaels for sponsoring today’s post on the Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge!
Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge #JustAddMichaels

Hi friends! Wait, what? Are those Christmas ornaments? YES! Yes, they are. I know we’re not even clearing out the cobwebs from Halloween yet and I’m going to talk to you about something I am participating in this year – the Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge! Christmas is right around the corner and the cornerstone of Christmas in our house is of course the tree! This year I’m getting it ALL – the tree, the trimmings – from Michaels!

Michaels has a large selection of pre-lit high-tip count artificial trees ranging in size from 4 ft. to 7.5 ft. and all the way up to 9 ft. They even come in different shapes, from skinny to full and in-between with some smaller trees coming in different color options. Each tree purchased at Michaels comes with a 5 year tree warranty and a 2 year warranty on the lights. And you know how pesky those lights can be! So good to know you’re covered.

So YES, I’ve already been Christmas tree shopping, and it was so much fun! I headed down to my local Michaels to get inspiration and start planning. I was taken aback by the large collection of gorgeous glass bulbs they had! I wanted them ALL!

Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge #JustAddMichaels

But alas I have two small, curious boys – so for the time being we’ll stick with other materials. I love that Michaels has everything you would want from cute, collectable ornaments and fancy glass bulbs to DIY and rustic options!

Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge #JustAddMichaels

I really like the simplicity of the cardboard ornaments and the white ceramics – oh and glitter is always fun! Outside of ornaments, Michaels has a ton of materials to trim your tree! Burlap and metallic mesh are fabulous options, as well as stringed beads and TONS of ribbon choices…

Michaels 2nd Annual Dream Tree Challenge #JustAddMichaels

Really ANYTHING you might want or need to get your tree outfitted this year! And yep, it’s all out and ready for you to drooool over. I’ll be working on our tree the next couple of weeks and sharing with you SOON! Also, save the date! Be sure to stop by your local Michaels November 3 through November 9 for a special tree event.

So tell me…how will YOU be decorating your tree this year? Bright, fun colors? Rustic and neutrals? Glitz and glam? I want to know!


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  1. Crystal says

    I LOVE Christmas!! Since my girls were born, we have either made, painted or picked out new ornaments every year. It is always so fun to put up the tree and remember when the ornaments were made. We have already been looking at what ornaments we want this year. We decorate bright, fun colors. Can’t wait!!


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