Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion Review

Thank you to Mommalogues for sponsoring today’s review of Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion.
Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion - get the veggies, taste the fruit!

Hi friends! Today we’re talking about Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion Juice! Have you tried it? Now I personally have always loved V8 – yes, the tomato-tasting, you are straight up drinking vegetables drink! So when I was offered the opportunity to review their new 100% Juice Strawberry Banana V-Fusion, I was in! I knew it had to be good, and good for us!

It was so easy to find! With all of the other juices as I suspected. So I picked up a bottle of the Strawberry Banana juice, knowing full on well that my kids were going to love it! As soon as I got home, I popped it in the fridge excited to have our family give it a try!

Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion - get the veggies, taste the fruit!

And try it they did! As I poured the V8 V-Fusion, the boys asked what it was. I promptly said “strawberry juice” since I knew they could easily identify with that. And with kids YOU KNOW instantly if they like something or not. And they liked it. No, they LOVED it! So my husband and I also decided to give it a try. I mean, my main goal was to get some more veggie goodness into the boys without them realizing it, but honestly we could use some more veggie goodness too! And I was impressed! No veggie taste that I actually love with the classic V8 juice, but 100% tasty strawberry and banana flavor – you’d never know that there was a full serving of veggies in each 8oz. glass!

My kids love Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion - get the veggies, taste the fruit!

And since the first taste, the boys have been asking for Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion or “strawberry juice” every day! And it’s something that I don’t mind giving them every day, right?

Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion - get the veggies, taste the fruit!

So click over to learn more about Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion today! And if you’re looking for a way to introduce more veggie goodness – antioxidants, vitamins and more, into yours and your family’s routine, definitely give Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion a try! I’m sure your kids will not whine about the delicious Strawberry Banana flavor and you’ll be happy to agree.


Thank you to Mommalogues for sponsoring today’s review of Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion. All opinions are 100% my own.

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