25 Water Activities for Kids

25 Kids Water Activities for Kids - keep your kids busy and cool this Summer!
Hi friends! Is Summer over yet? Nope! In fact where I am, things just keep heating up! Are your kids restless and want to run around but also need to stay cool? Have we got the answer for you today – 25 Water Activities for Kids! That’s right, get those guys outdoors and keep them cool with these awesome water activities! It just might save your sanity…

    1. Sponge Ball / One Charming Party
    2. Swimming Pool Scrabble / Toddler Approved
    3. Sponge Bullseye / Mamas Like Me
    4. Water Balloon Pinata / Scrap Happy Heather
    5. Water Limbo / GoGo SqueeZ
    6. Trike Car Wash / Apartment Therapy
    7. Splash Volleyball / Spoonful
    8. DIY Water Ramp / Caution! Twins at Play!
    9. Homemade Sprinklers / HomeSpun Threads
    10. Ice Cube Painting / Share and Remember
    11. DIY Foil River / Camo and Bows
    12. Water Balloon Obstacle Course / Parents Connect
    13. Soap Boat Races / I Heart Nap Time
    14. PVC Sprinkler Playhouse / Craft, Interrupted
    15. Water Play Date / Sweet and Lovely Crafts
    16. Water Balloon Catch / Spoonful
    17. Bulls-Eye Blast Game / Spoonful
    18. The Piñaqua / Spoonful
    19. Bubble Snakes / Somewhat Simple
    20. Scented Bubbles / JoJo & Eloise
    21. Water Balloon Piñata / Ziggity Zoom
    22. Giant Bubbles / Tatertots and Jello
    23. Water Blob / Clumsy Crafter
    24. DIY Slip ‘n Slide / DigitalMisery.com
    25. Tin Foil River and Mini Ice Boats / Reading Confetti

How fun are those? There’s nothing quite as fun as water activities for kids. Which is your favorite? I think that we just may have to give that Trike Car Wash a go – it’s SO CUTE isn’t it? I think it’s either break some of these ideas out this weekend or we’re heading back to our local splashpad – maybe both! Do you have go-to activities


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