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Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Hi friends! It’s Thrifty Thursday and today I’m sharing a fun, easy and thrifty way to organize your Washi Tape collection! So let’s start out with a story. I’ve had a few rolls of washi tape for a while. I created my first washi project back in April, a Washi Tape Vase. Over months I bought one roll here and one roll there, and so tossing my cute little collection into a vintage Atlas jar seemed the perfect form of washi tape organization.

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

But then, thanks to sales and Pick Your Plum, my washi tape collection has grown…

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

I tried multiple jars – and though they were cute – I found myself frustrated with not being able to see my entire collection and having to dump out the whole jar just to get that roll that I wanted on the bottom (of course)! Then I saw this washi tape organization idea by No Biggie and I was inspired to go thrifting to find a similar solution! So I headed down to my local AZ Goodwill on 50% off Saturday to look around. Now, I never seem to find things when I’m “looking” for them, so when I came across this contraption, I was giddy!

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Do you know what it is? It’s a spool rack! A June Tailor Cone Thread Rack to be exact. And this $23 beauty was marked down to $2.99 at Goodwill, which means just $1.49 half-off. I wasn’t too sure if it would work, but at less than $2 it was worth a try! So I snagged it, ran (ok, drove) home and tried it out immediately. And it is PERFECT.

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Such a fun washi tape organization system, don’t you think? Currently it fits all of my collection, with room to grow, YAY! And now I can see exactly what I have and I can get to it easily! And a bonus: it has two holes in the back for hanging. Once I have an idea of what I want to do with my craft room, it will be hung! How convenient is that? So re-purpose your sewing gear or head down to your thrift stores, find a spool rack or other fun unconventional ways to organize and display your washi! What fun ideas have you come across lately?

ps – looking for fun washi projects? Be sure to check out our 100 Ways to Washi – The Ultimate Washi Tape Project Guide

100 Ways to Washi - The Ultimate Washi Tape DIY Project Guide! TONS of great uses for your washi tape collection. #washi #washitape

Then head over to The Washi Blog – all washi, all the time! That’s right, an entire site dedicated to the love of washi tape. ALSO, if you have washi projects, submit them to be featured on The Washi Blog!

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  1. says

    Oh I love it! Now, I’m going to have to go find one! Right now, my collection is in a
    box <–so not cute! Oh and we have the same washi collection because PYP gets me every time! have a great day!
    Amy recently posted..Easter Egg ColoringMy Profile

  2. says

    What a great score! I love love how you found that deal on the rack for super cheap. LUCKY! I keep my washi tape in a tupperware type container that has 3 layers to it. So far mine only takes up 1 layer but Im sure it will outgrow the box eventually
    Stacie S-H recently posted..Happy EasterMy Profile

  3. Crystal says

    What a great idea!! I seriously never find anything in our Goodwill Store, but I’m always hopeful!

  4. says

    Loooove this!!! I have accumulated quite a bit of Washi now from both PYP and DownTown Tape (I see we have some of the same ones! lol). This is a fantastic idea that I am so copying when I have a place to hang it! (ie: when my Oldest son’s room turns into my craft room) 😉 Now I can only hope to find something like this at my GoodWill too! :) Pinned it!
    xo, Claire
    Claire @ A Little Claireification recently posted..Delicious International Sliders {& A Wholly Guacamole Giveaway!}My Profile

  5. says

    hey now this may actually work for my million and 2 rolls of washi tape that are currently in jars too. i end up at times using the one on the top just to avoid dumping the whole jar out :>P
    thanks for the great idea! :>D
    Lisa @hooplapalooza recently posted..cake pop jewelryMy Profile

  6. JaneEllen says

    Knew what you had your washi tape on right away as I’ve wanted one of those racks forever. Seems whenever I find one I’m out of money or it’s too expensive. Won’t buy one unless it’s on sale or I have a good coupon. Think it’s time to see if my clever handy hubs can make me one of those for washi tape and one for all my sewing thread. What a smart idea. I need to have my “stuff” out where can see it to inspire me. Sure glad you shared this idea. Happy week

  7. says

    I love it Kimberly! What a great solution! I love the natural wood with all the pops of color! And don’t you love seeing them all out on display?! It’s so fun!

    Thanks for sharing my solution too! :)

  8. rachelm says

    I bought this at my local goodwill months ago. I was going to use it to hold my bracelets, but it didn’t work out like I wanted it to. I was going to donate until I saw your post. Can’t wait to do this with my washi!


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