20+ Fun Earth Day Ideas

20+ Fun Earth Day Ideas – fun kids crafts, treats and more. Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd!

20 Fun Earth Day Ideas #Earth #Day
Hi friends! Did you know that Earth Day is April 22nd? If you’d like to celebrate, what better than some sweet treats or fun crafts? We’ve rounded up some FUN Earth Day cookies, crafts and more for you to make this Earth Day a special day!

Cookies, Cakes & More!

    1. Earth Day Cupcakes {Bird on a Cake}
    2. Earth Day Cake Pops {Vanilla & Lace}
    3. Earth Day Lollipop Cookies {The Decorated Cookie}
    4. Earth Day Cake {Under the Table and Dreaming}
    5. Earth Day Rice Krispie Treats {Under the Table and Dreaming}
    6. Earth Day Peanut Butter Cups {Spabetti}
    7. Earth Day Pancakes {Creative Food}
    8. Earth Day Marshmallows {The Decorated Cookie}
    9. Heart Shaped Earth Cake {Perfect Party Ideas}
    10. Kiwi and Blueberry Globe {JDaniels4’s Mom}

Cool Crafts!

    1. Earth Day Printable Gift Tags {A Night Owl}
    2. Stained Glass Planet Earth {Mom on Timeout}
    3. Earth Ornament from Recycled CD {Planet Pals}
    4. Earth Day Luminary {Twig and Toadstool}
    5. Playdoh Planets {Meet the Dubiens}
    6. Egg Carton Earth {Carrots are Orange}
    7. Puffy Paint Earth {The Preschool Toolbox}
    8. Tissue Paper Earth {What to Expect}
    9. Paper Mache Planet {Planet Pals}
    10. Globe Pinata {Roots & Wings}
    11. Coffee Filter Globe {Preschool Crafts for Kids}

What’s your favorite? There are so many great ideas! Do you have an fun Earth Day ideas or activities? Share them with us in the comments!



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