Take Better Pictures with your Phone

Take Better Pictures with your Phone #iphone #instagram
Hi friends! We’re kicking off a new series at A Night Owl today called Technology Tuesday! If you’re a mom or a woman on the go, you know how important technology can be to keeping you in touch and organized! So each week we’ll be featuring gadgets, apps, tips or anything technology related that can help make our lives a little easier or a little more fun! Today we’re starting out with Tips to Take Better Pictures with Your Phone by Jennifer of Mangiamo!

Capturing good photographs with your smartphone requires a special set of skills that might seem counter-intuitive to many photographers. Even if you own a pro-style DSLR, you’ve probably found yourself using your smartphone more often, simply because of the convenience factor.

According to Mashable, in today’s world, more than 27% of all photographs come from mobile phones. In fact, the most popular camera on Flickr is the iPhone, according to DPReview. To set yourself above all the other mediocre smartphone photogs, here’s how to take full advantage of your phone’s capabilities.


Pay Attention to Camera Specs When Shopping for a Phone

Via Worldwide.Blackberry.com

Every smartphone (from iPhones to Droids to T-Mobile Blackberry phones and beyond) has its own specifications that could affect your photo quality. However, there are ways to optimize your photographs to the best of your phone’s abilities.

When you purchase a new mobile device, remember to look for one with a reasonable megapixel count (five or higher is recommended), but don’t obsess over the number. Often a phone with fewer megapixels can still capture a higher-quality photograph. Here are the other qualities to look for on your camera phone’s spec sheet:

  • Main camera lens material and size.
  • Light sensor quality.
  • Software that operates the camera.
  • Image processing hardware included.


Use HDR for Yield Breath-taking Night Photography

Via Wikimedia.org

So you’re visiting Las Vegas, and a flash just won’t cut it to capture the true essence of Sin City’s glowing strip. Never fear, because HDR options are now here! By enabling HDR mode, your camera will take two photos and then merge the highlights of one with the depths of the other, creating a more dynamic, brighter photo.


Go Shopping for Apps to Tweak and Edit Your Photos

Via Flickr by David Chartier

A photographer wouldn’t leave home without a bag of tricks, including things like light reflectors, flashes, shades, stools and a ladder. Similarly, a smartphone photographer should own every tool available in the app store. Most apps are free, but some will cost a few bucks (which seems minor when you consider the precious moments these apps will filter and preserve). Here are some of the revolutionary apps you could choose:

  • Camera Genius: It edits, uploads, and even time-stamps your shots. This is an all-inclusive option for photogs who don’t like to spend time before taking their shots. It costs right around $3.
  • Mattebox: A professional DSLR replica, this app makes fancy photographers feel at home. It presents ISO, focal distance, white balance, and other pro options for approximately $4.
  • Pocketbooth: For $2 you can create retro photobooth snapshots to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The old-fashioned filters add flair to any photo.

Beware the Jabberwock (That Is, Digital Zoom) 

Via Flickr by Carol329

Digital zoom tricks us into thinking we’re getting closer to the subject while retaining quality, but it really doesn’t. Stick to the high-quality shot and crop it later to prevent blurring and movement in the photo. Remember: only an optical zoom truly adds quality to your camera phone.

Study this guide to become a smartphone camera guru, and you’ll never take a low-quality or blurry photo again. And your friends on Instagram, Google+ and Facebook will love seeing all your pro-caliber photos.

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    • says

      Glad you found this post helpful, Tina! I have the T1i and being a food blogger, I use it quite often. However, I’m not skilled enough to take pictures in low light with my DSLR so my iPhone pictures make many an appearance on my blog 😉
      Jennifer B recently posted..Little Greek Packs Big FlavorMy Profile

  1. says

    This is so extremely helpful for folks like me who don’t have professional cameras. I find that my best blog photos come from my iphone because I’m constantly on the go and don’t have the extra second to pull out my digital camera. Downloading Mattebox now.

  2. says

    Thanks for this – it’s extremely helpful. I have a nice camera but find that some of my best content is always found on the go and I don’t have the extra second to be able to pull out my digital camera, turn it on, focus, and shoot. my iphone is pretty hand! Will have to try Mattebox now.
    gracekelle at leangirlsclub recently posted..Squat It OutMy Profile

  3. says

    Photos are my biggest challenge on my blog. I have this super expensive DSLR and have no idea how to use it. I have found that the pics with my iphone are easier to take and edit plus I can put the on instagram. I downloaded a transfer app to transfer photos back and forth from my phone and computer. It is awesome. I am going to try some of the apps you suggested! Thanks for the info.
    Angela – My Personal Accent DIY Blog recently posted..Grants and Scholarships Available for Online Blog Conference!My Profile

  4. says

    great tips! I am searching my house for my missing camera, in the mean time, I’ve been taking almost all my blog pictures on my phone, I’m so embarrassed! I only have a point and shoot anyways but so often the phone is what is around and gets used even when I know where the camera is.
    Emily recently posted..Heather’s Laundry RoomMy Profile


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