{14 Days of Valentines} I’m Wild About You Valentines

I'm WILD About You Valentines

Hi, I’m Kendra from Adventures of Brad & Kendra. I’m an Electrical Engineer engaging my creative side through my blog and Etsy shop. My husband and I live in the Seattle area with our two cats and two dogs.

Are you looking for Valentine’s Gifts, especially ones that don’t include candy? I have a few ideas, and corresponding printables to share with you today.

Gift #1

All throughout Pinterest, spraypainted toy animals seem to be all the rage. I took the idea and adapted it to become a keychain.

Items Needed:

  • Plastic Toys – Available at dollar store or Goodwill
  • Screw Eyes
  • Key Chain Ring
  • Spray Paint

Total Cost: ~ $0.40 each

Making these keychains are incredibly easy. The screw eyes simply screw into the back of the animal. The plastic can be a bit hard to start so the easiest way to screw it in is to hold the eye with pliars as you push it in and twist. After the screw eye is installed, spray paint it whatever color suits your fancy! I chose to do this one in gold, but I think that hot pink or green would have also been fun to do. It does take a few coats to cover the animals since they have all sort of nooks & crannies so be patient and do light coats.

Gold Spraypainted Animal Keychains


Gift #2

Why not spraypaint other items? The idea below is to make bobby pins more exciting and become more of an accessory and less of something you try to hide.

Bobby pins are cheap and are easily found for around $2 for a large pack. To spraypaint these, make sure that none of them are touching then go over in light coats. If the pins are touching when painted, they will stick together and the paint can chip when pulled apart.

To wrap, place on a cardboard cutout to showoff your hard spraypainting work! I have the one below on a rectangle but it would be super cute on a heart for this holiday.

Gold Bobby Pins


Gift #3

Another great gift for girls would be fold over elastic hairties. I have seen some great Valentine’s Day patterns including hearts and chevron. These could be wrapped up in a small cellophane bag or takeout container. If you are looking for some, and don’t want to make your own, I would love to help you out through my Etsy shop – Simply {Darr}ling. Here are some samples of Valentine elastic I have seen.

Cute Hair Ties

I’ve included this fun printable correlating to all of these gifts. I hope you enjoy them and give you inspiration for Valentine’s Day!

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