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One our featured sponsors this month is Megan from Absolute Mommy! You’ll get a kick out of her honestly and writing style. Make sure you go by and say hello!


Hello friends and readers of A Night Owl Blog! I’m Megan from AbsoluteMommy. I’m super excited to meet all of Kimberly’s friends. I can’t remember how I found Kimberly and her blog, but I just adore her.  Girlfriend knows how to have fun. She has a super fierce love for Instagram, much like me, so it was an instant attraction! Plus her “Pinning” link ups are amazing and I always find something new. And seriously what’s not to love about a link up about links on Pinterest? Exactly!

I’m sure you are wondering who AbsoluteMommy really is. Let’s cut to the chase. I started blogging a little over a year ago.  I write about whatever my hearts desire, but mostly about fumbling and stumbling through motherhood.  My motto is “I wasn’t built for motherhood.  It built me.  It’s a work in progress”. You will find that I blog about my marriage to this guy:

We’ve been married 7 years! I’m lucky he puts up with my attitude!

I also blog about these cuties, and take an insane amount of photos of them to post to Instagram. So if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, this is your warning!

This is Miss Mackenzie
This is Caitlin Elizabeth.

I have been known to post crafty stuff, but my tutorials always look like the photography from an 80s “b” movie. Plus if I’m crafty it has to be easier than making a peanut butter sandwich. I sometimes post a recipe or two and those are equally as easy, because if it’s more than 5 steps, mama don’t bother. To give you an idea of what happens at Absolute Mommy, here is a excerpt of one of my favorite posts:

Reason I should get Mother of the Year – choose your favorite:

Oreos for breakfast.
Typical on mornings where Twitter and Pinterest are far more interesting than Ming Ming and the damn phone that won’t stop ringing. For the love of God answer that phone!!! Oreos for breakfast when I’m trying to cook an actual breakfast and my two year old is literally trying to crawl up my body like a rat. Oreos for breakfast when I just need to wash my hair so the other moms at the gymnastics class think I’m well groomed and somewhat put together. Oreos for breakfast when I’m out of peanut butter cups.

I love McDonalds!
Fast Food was created for women who know how to cook but find other things to do. I love fast food and I can’t even eat it. What better way to say I love you than to present a meal that comes with a cool (albeit cheap) toy. McDonalds have saved the day on many occasion. I will not pass judgement on Ronald McDonald and his fortress of fat.

TV Rules!!
TV will not kill my child. It won’t destroy her brain or make it rot. My TV is on all day and I don’t feel bad about it. Both my children have had the benefit of learning Mandarin Chinese from our TV, so take that fancy preschool. 
We are learning shapes, numbers, and the alphabet. 
You can bet your donuts that your parents would have had the TV on 24hours a day if there was NickJr 30 years ago. My kids have also watched Glee, Twilight, Family Guy, and Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kourtney Kardashian taught Caitlin where babies come from, and I will happily thank her.

So that is AbsoluteMommy.  If you’d like feel free to visit the following posts. 
Big Girls Don’t Cry – about my bout of PPD
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Keepin’ it Classy – Some rules to keep in mind while blogging
Yes we are – my recent rant to Time Magazine 
Let’s Talk About Sex – where I refer to my va jay-jay as “girlfriend”
You can also follow me on Twitter or on Facebook. Although I must confess, I’m having a love affair with Twitter behind Facebook’s back. Sorry Facebook, you’ve changed…
Thanks so much to Kimberly, for hosting me today. I hope have liked what you read. Stop by sometime and say hello. I’m giving my honest opinion about my life and how I’ve gone from Megan to Mommy, in what seems like the blink of an eye!! I’m taking low-maintenance mom to a whole new level!!!

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