{Sponsor Spotlight} A Night Owl May Sponsors!

Thanks to blogging, I’ve met some ahhhhh-mazing ladies! And I’m so excited to introduce you to a few of them who have so generously signed on to sponsor A Night Owl in May! Stay tuned, as you’ll here more from these first three gals, my featured sponsors, later on in the month. We’ll also be hosting a group giveaway during the last week of the month, trust me, you won’t want to miss it! So without further ado…

And a little about Melissa…
My husband laughs at me because I have a zillion and one different hobbies like sewing, baking, reading, couponing, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. -One of my newest hobbies that I’m trying out is photography. My husband is buying me a new Canon Rebel T3i soon and I’m so excited. BE AWARE OF LOTS OF PICTURES ON MY BLOG lol. -I like to be honest when I blog, I feel like more people can relate to my embarrassing moments than to my success in life moments. -I’m a pastors kid, but my parents aren’t your ordinary old school pastors. We like to have fun, you’d be amazed at the things we do. For instance my dad just recently used a dunk tank as a baptismal. haha -I have been married for 7 years and we’ve dealt with unexplained infertility our whole marriage. You can read more about it in the “About Me” Section of my blog.

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And a little about Emily…
My name is Emily and I’m a graphic design student. I’m very shy when you meet me in person so my blog is a great way for me to express myself. On my blog you will see DIY’s, Beauty, and a lot more.

And a little about Laura…
I’m a passionate lifestyle photographer and is, regrettably, a bit addicted to social media. I have a constant connection with Facebook and Twitter. I love Starbucks, the colors pink and yellow, mountain biking, foot massages, the piano, my two amazing daughters and admirable husband.

Courtney :: Baxtron Life 

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And a little about Courtney…
Baxtron{Life} is a lifestyle blog following my family of three in New York City. You’ll find a mix of things I love, stories and daily life. I blog because for me writing = breathing. It is my creative outlet amidst the chaos of a busy city life!

Luciana :: Fashionista Bazaar

And a little bit about Luciana…
Hi, I’m Luciana! I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to the States when I was just 14. I’ve lived in Washington, D.C , VIrginia, and New York, where I went to school (FIT). I moved back to Brazil in 2001, and became a preschool teacher at a bilingual school (Portuguese/English). Met my husband, Rob, 6 years ago and we got married in 2008 and moved to LA in 2009. It was a huge adjustment, it’s sooo different from the east coast. That’s why I decided to start my business so I could meet new people and make new friends. I started Fashionista Bazaar about a year ago. I went to Brazil on vacation and threw a couple of consignment parties and from doing that I was able to make some cash and start my business. Now Fashionista Bazaar sells fashion jewelry and accessories made in Brazil (I work with an amazing designer!) Our pieces are unique and made with so much love!

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And a little about Kristina…
I’m wife to an incredibly funny, supportive and handsome man I’m mami to three amazing kiddos, Sophia (6), Nicholas (3) and Lucas (1) I left the NYC Corporate world a little over a year ago to be a stay at home mama. Ever since I’ve been a mami, this has been my dream! I love Instagram and Pinterest. They could easily take up way too much of my time if I allowed them to! I’m a bit of a crunchy mama! I do my best to stay as holistic/homeopathic as possible as a result of our son’s battle with eczema and our attempts at trying to find relief for him.

Angie :: A Little Inspiration

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And a little about Angie…
I reside in Southern California and am a stay at home mom to my 2 year girl. I blog about my life, crafts, DIYs, reviews & giveaways! I love the beach and am in a quest to find my true self and inspire others along my journey.

Joanna :: ModaMoma
And a little about Joanna…
My blog is all about fun, fashion, being a mama, a tv host, actor, and photographer in this wide and crazy world. There’s a lot of silliness, some reflection, and plenty of my ridiculous shenanigans!
And a little about Lena…

I’m a fashion-loving, photo-taking, thrifty and tattooed mom of 2!

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And a little about Kendall…
The most important thing to me is my little family. I love to save money – I am the one you see in the store with the coupon binder. I am not one of those moms that looks all together- most of the time I’m running around in sweat pants…. {hey we’re being honest}. I have Endometerosis, and struggle with it daily. I am on a mission to shed some pounds!

Emily :: The Pink Elephant
And a little about Emily…

I’m a newlywed, twenty something, realtor by day, dragon slayer by night (ha only kidding!), more like blogger by night. I am obsessed with interior design, studied graphic design in college, so I have a love for interior design too. I’m a reality television junkie, and drink entirely too much coffee. I get to explore other people’s homes on a daily basis, so my blog is where I can share my ideas of things I have seen and where I can create design items for other people to enjoy. Even though I am new to the blog world, I have met some amazing girls, who have encouraged me from the start.
ps – Emily is the fantastic designer behind A Night Owl. if you’re in the market for a redesign, I of course would highly recommend!

Destiny :: A Place for Us

And a little about Destiny…
Hello new friends!! My name is Destiny and to quickly describe me and my site I would say I’m a home blogger, craft enthusiast and a newlywed LOVER :0) I’m an AZ native, lazy Perfectionist Mom to three, wife to the one, former college volleyball player and Nate Show Alumni!
Sarah :: Fontenot Four 

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And a little about Sarah…
I started The Fontenot Four as an outlet for me to write about the blessings in my life. During this past year of blogging, I came to realize that I could use my blog to help people. Our family has been through so much. I thought maybe something I write one day could help someone who is going through a similar situation. I’m still just a little blog, but I’ve met some really amazing women – many of whom, like me, are not afraid to share their faith. I love to blog about the blessings in my life, my faith, the occasional book review, recipes from time to time, musings about my family, and so on.

Dawn :: Leroy Lime 
And a little about Dawn…

Mama to 3 kiddos and 2 fur babies. Military Wife to my adoring DH “dear hubby”. Addicted to Pinterest & Instagram. Love Coffee & Chocolate. Adore snail mail, sending and receiving!

Tiffany :: The Momma Bear Diaries

And a little about Tiffany…

I am a twenty something stay at home mom transplanted from Georgia to a blistering cold northern state. I’m i the middle of three bears. Sometimes, I cook, I always clean, and better yet I have the web design gene.
Karly :: Three in Three

And a little about Karly…

I’m crazy, like totally crazy. So you never really know what to expect. I don’t shy away from the tough topics and I try to keep things as real as possible. Posting about the embarrassing things I do really makes me giggle. I run two shops: one for jewelry and one for vector art portraits. I adore the work! I’m starting a weekly photography challenge soon and I hope you will join me!

I’m so excited to have these ladies on board for May! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them better already, and hope that you enjoyed reading about them too! Please drop by, say hello and show them some love by following them in some way, shape or form!

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    Thank you so much for having me as a sponsor on your blog! I can’t wait to go check everyone else out and get to know you better!

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