Tulle Easter Wreath

Such a fun and easy Tulle Easter Wreath!

Hi friends! It’s Spring and Easter time! Time to break out the bright, cheery colors, right? Well we’re right on board. And today as one of our bright and cheery Spring projects I’m going to share a bit of a wreath “refashion” if you will. A wreath that is now our Tulle Easter Wreath! So you want the whole story? Why a refashion? Well…do you remember this St. Patrick’s Day Wreath I made a few weeks ago?

Such a fun St. Patrick's Day wreath!

So cute, right? Maybe my most favorite (and one of my most popular) wreaths ever. And being as resourceful as I am (ok, you may call it lazy), I fashioned my tulle St. Patrick’s day shamrocks with twine that I tied around the tulle wreath so that I could simply untie it come Easter time and add a more Easter-y themed banner! Genius? Maybe. Craft genius! And that my friends, is exactly what I’ve done here! I used my handy dandy die cutting machine and cut out some cute Easter eggs, glued them to some twine, added a new ribbon for hanging (that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby for $1 I might add!), and voila! A perfectly Spring-y and adorable Tulle Easter Wreath.

Now I skipped over a TON of details here about how to make this gorgeous FLUFFY wreath in the first place. So if you’re looking for the tutorial of how I made the tulle wreath in the first place, simply…

Click Here for Tulle Wreath Tutorial


So what do you think? Could you see the happy, cherry little guy on your front door? If so, give it a try! I really love working with tulle because let’s face it, even the novice crafter can cut and tie tulle, right? It’s almost fool-proof. Give it a try!

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    This is adorable! I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by today for details :)

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    You did an awesome job recycling your St. Patty’s day wreath! So cute!!!! Stopping by from the blog hop and happy to be following you. Hope you have a chance to check me out too.

    take care,

  3. says

    Very clever and cute! Love that it’s so easy to change it!

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    Very clever wreath! I hope you will link this up to my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop if you haven’t already.


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