{InstaFriday} Top Ten InstaApps

As you may have gathered by my blog posts thus far, I {heart} Instagram. It’s by far my app of choice on my iPhone. I love to see all the fun, beauty, and creativeness that others are able to capture in pictures. It’s inspirational. I also love to share things that are important to me and what inspires me.

I’m still continuing the #photoaday challenge by @fatmumslim. If you want to see my recent pics for that challenge, you can see the album HERE. However, this week I’m going to do something a little different.

I’m asked from time to time what my favorite apps are to edit or create photos I post on Instagram. And I always love to share! I only use my iPhone for pictures, but there are many apps that I love to use for filters, frames, and labels. Here are my Top Ten faves:

There are many frame apps out there, this is the one that I use. You can choose from many collage frames sizes and styles, and with the add-on, add labels to your photos.

Make a cool poster out of your photos! Fun options!

Add cute labels and banners to your photos.

Masking Tape
You can washi “tape” your pictures onto frames with TONS of different and fun options!

Pic Collage
Make a free form collage with different shaped and sized photos! Change backgrounds, add text.

Crop your photos into fun shapes!

Turn your photos into a comic book sketch!

Add text to images. Send a message!

Share your photos with others, change them up with fun filters and effects.

It’s a photo booth in your “pocket”! You can use this in combo with Pic Collage for a fun photo compilation!

I hope that helps! And I hope you love the list, download some new apps, and continue to create!

Now I also didn’t come across all of these apps on my own! I have been inspired by some FANTASTIC IGers out there. They ALL inspire me, but a few that I have “learned from” from an app-sharing-creative-picture-staging perspective are: @loveeashlyn, @mrsemshhh, and @ashleealaine. But come check out all folks I follow and share the love!


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    fun! :) i use some of those – but I think I need masking tape, LOVE IT. :)

    I also love POPbooth, it’s not an instagram app, but you take 4 pics in a row with it (on their timer! like a real booth) and it makes them into a strip. for 2.99 they mail both strips to you – TOTALLY awesome. :) one of my favorite party apps with friends 😉

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    oh awesome!! thanks so much for sharing this!! I just got an iPhone and am addicted to Instagram in a bad way… I really enjoy using PicStich for my collages – I will definitely be looking up these apps. I’ve been wanting to add text to my instas


  3. says

    i’ve never heard of any of these… and they all look like so much fun. thanks for sharing!


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